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    Exclamation IE6 on MacBook Pro
    Can anyone tell me how I can add IE6 to my suite of browsers for css testing?

    I currently have Parallels 3.0 installed and a Vista Virtual Machine - which I've learned will only take IE7. However seeing as IE6 is still the most popular browser I need to have a copy for testing.

    Do I have to go and buy a full version of XP just t ge IE6 for testing my CSS layouts?

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    Well, Microsoft claimed IE was tied to the OS. So unless Wine or something like it is available for OS X to run it, I'd say your stuck to buying XP.

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    You can try CrossOver Mac, which is wine based (i think).

    Vista wont run IE6? yyiikkeess.
    schweb This has to be one of the best threads ever in MF history...
    Cherokee This gets my vote for most innovative thread on Mac-Forums... ever.

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    I cater for 4 browsers when designing: Safari, Firefox, IE6 and IE7.

    What I do is design for Safari and Firefox on my Mac then upload them, and use my Windows laptop with an Internet connection and IE7 to test on there, whilst installing Multiple IE Setup to test on IE6.

    IE6 is the worst browser out of the 4 - Utterly horrendous.

    I believe IE8 is out in Beta or something at the moment - bound to be another ingenius software package from Microsoft

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