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Thread: Apple website font

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    Apple website font
    Hello. I just wondered if anybody knew what font apple used for the images on their website. Not the normal text but the images like this from the iBook page or this ipod mini writing?

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    My guess is arial with some AV spacing.

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    Myriad, it's an Adobe font.

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    Is there anywhere that I could get it for free, or is there anybody that has it and could send it to me. I think it comes with adobe creative studio, is this right aswell?

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    I swear I had it on here... I saw it the other day... but apparently, alas, I don't have it anymore. I think I had it on my Windows machine as well, after installing Photoshop or something.

    Sorry, can't remember I think you're going to have to pay, all the best fonts are paid for.

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    Found that, pretty interesting.

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    I found the font when using photoshop, is there anyway to get it to work with my other programs.

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    That's where I've seen it! Have a look around in the Photoshop folder, and in application support. It has to be there somewhere.

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