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    recovering iWeb files
    Yes, my Mac went down with all files on board. And I have a large iWeb/.Mac site, which I want to recover. Is it possible to retrieve it from .Mac? Or are they kept somewhere within a user directory? How can I retrieve it all???!!

    I'd backed up my user directory, but not the application directories.


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    In your user directory, open up your user Library, then goto Application Support, then goto the iWeb folder. In there you will find a file named Domain. That is the file you are looking for. It contains your whole site.

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    Ah - so easy when you know how! Many thanks.

    It would, however, be a useful addition to iWeb, to be able to download a site from iMac....

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    You could try SiteSucker

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    Unfortunately SiteSucker doesn't do too well - it seems to be too limited to cater for all the features. In any case, there's no means (I think) in iWeb for importing HTML files; it has its own structure.

    Even more unfortunately, the original files were lost, as the user files I'd backed up didn't include the local iWeb files!

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    good tip tonyb, now you have all the files on your computer using SiteSucker, how you put it back in iWeb ? iWeb uses a package file called Domain located in user/library/application support/iWeb. Do you have to make a Package with all the files? if yes how do you do it?


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