Hello everyone!

I don't knok exactly if this thread belongs to this forum, sorry if not.

I have a problem with Darwin Server for video streaming and VLC and I'd like someone could help me. The problem is that I have a Darwin Server mounted in Ubuntu for streaming videos. I tried to watch this videos in VLC but I can watch only some of them. I mean, I can watch some .mp4 files....but not all.I can watch some .3gp files but not all. Finally, I cannot watch any .mov files. In all the cases in which I am not able to watch the content, the message in VLC is:

live555 error: Nothing to play for rtsp://
main error: no suitable access module for `rtsp://'

I have checked the content and it is on the folder specified by the Darwin Server, where all the movies are deposited. I don't know what is the problem. Futhermore, I don't know if this problem is because of the VLC or for the Darwin Server, but I hope that someone has the same problem and could help me.

Thank you for the attention and for the future responses.