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Thread: Help me choose...

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    Help me choose...
    Okay guys, soon, I'm gonna be buying my first Mac and wanted to know which one is right for me. I'm web/graphics designer so, keep that in mind. Portability can be a nice addition but it's not a problem. Performance is also essential, and price is definitely a biggie.

    For the price of a 15inch PowerBook, I could get a much more powerful PowerMac. I could end up getting the 20inch iMac G5 which is also pretty good. I dunno if I should even consider getting an iBook since I need performance for webdesign, graphics design, and some programs that I'm gonna be running and etc.

    Here's what I'm gonna be using:

    Flash MX
    MSN Messenger

    I won't be using PS, Dreamweaver, and Flash MX all the time, but time to time, in long periods of time when necessary. The rest will be on and running all the time. Please help. I've been thinking about the new 20inch iMac but now I'm reconsidering since my upgrading abilities are better on the PowerMac. The PowerBook 15inch is also a good way to go, but also pricey. The PB and the PowerMac are in the same category, so, either one I get is better. Keep in my the upgrading abilities. So, it's either the 15inch PowerBook, the G5 iMac 1.8GHz, or the Dual 2GHz PowerMac.


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    go the Imac
    My opinion is to go for the imac, it is cheaper than the other two and powerful enough with the g5 to handle anything those programs can throw at it. Plus you said portability would be nice and while the imac is not a laptop it is a lot more portable than a powermac, plus they look so cool dont they!

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    add ram. As much ram as you can afford.

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