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    is this what it is supposed to sound like?
    First off, let me tell everyone, I love my new mac. Not two weeks after I got it, I had to send my PC to the shop to get fixed. For now, I am running completely off my powerbook and it is fantastic!

    Now, the real question. When I insert a CD in to the drive, my computer makes a lot of racket. Whirring, clicking, robotic noises. They only happen when the cd is loading and ejecting. Not during actual use. Is that normal? I figure that it is, since it is not an ejectable tray drive. But, I thought that I would ask, just to make sure.
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    Well, it's normal for the PowerBook to make lots of noise when the CD is in the drive (every PowerBook does that, don't worry ), but it shouldn't click in normal use. I guess it is a sort of clicking noise it makes when you eject the CD, but it shouldn't click when in use.

    I think your PowerBook is normal, unless it's clicking when the CD is actually in the drive. Then you have a problem, you should probably take it into your local Apple store.

    Good luck!

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    I think your PowerBook is normal. Unless you and me both have faulty models. I put a disk in, it makes clicking and funny noises, I got worried the first time and then the paranoia disappeared

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    Yes, it's supposed to sound as though it's shredding your cd into millions of little pieces, iBooks do that as well...

    But it scared me ****less too the first time I put my beloved limited editition smashing pumpkins cd in there to rip...

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