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    Help Requested: Can text size displayed on the menu bars be increased?
    Just bought an IMAC and find then text size in the Menu Option/Bars very small and tiring on the eyes, is there any way this can be increased? According to my local Apple dealer the answer is no, except for using the Universal zoom option which I do not like.

    In addition, I have increased the size of text displayed in Safari, which helps with a lot of sites visited, however any text required to fill in WEB forms is still very small, any way to change this?

    Thanks In Advance For Any Help

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    You could try to select a lower display resolution, which will increase the size of everything, it's in the system preferences->under displays.
    Pick a lower number...however the lower the number, the more washed out everything gets--but at least the text is larger. I know a couple profs that do this. Try it out, see if it helps.

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    There are utilities that allow this.

    TinkerTools will do it.

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