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    Should i get the new macbook or keep my santa rosa?
    ok so i bought my macbook like a week and a half ago..a few days ago i seen they released new ones with a faster processor and bigger hard drive. so i called apple and told them i wanted to return mine. they were really good and sent me a label to ship it out with free of charge so that i could get the new one. but my problem is that i have some stuff saved on my computer already. so should i return mine and wait for the one with the 2.4ghz processor and 250gb hard drive or keep my 2.2ghz and 120 hdd?

    will i be able to tell a difference...and money isnt a factor becasue they are the same price..i think i'll pay 10 bucks more or something like that

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    save the files to an external or somethin(Time Machine maybe) and get it. Aparentl it gets more battery life and all that

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    Yea use a flash drive or something like that...Or if you have .Mac

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    With laptops, one can never have enough HD space, since most folks want ready access to their data at all times, and the burden of having to carry about an external drive defeats the portability of the laptop. In your shoes, I'd eagerly swap the old for the new, since it will double your HD capacity.
    Happy to be back to a Mac

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