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    Wireless card for older iMac
    Hi All,

    The iMac I picked up for free on Craigslist last week has gone from interesting toy to my full time home computer. I was hoping that I could put a wireless card of some sort in it. I have worked as a Windows server admin but I know less than nothing about macs (except how to connect them to a windows server, exchange etc.) Part of the reason that I want to use it full time is that I have been saving up for a home laptop and after using the mac, I am considering buying a mac.

    So, what can I use? Does anyone make a usb wireless for mac? Will it support the G3 iMac card?

    Here is what I have:

    Bondi Blue CRT iMac that has been upgraded to a G4 processor with 384 megs of ram (I'm investigating upgrading that too) and it is running OS 10.2.8 and a 4 GB hard drive. I don't have the disks for Jaguar so I am thinking about upgrading the OS along with the hard drive.


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    You can pop in a 128 gig hard drive, the earlier Macs had a limit of 138 gig unformatted. Then get Panther 10.3 I don't think the Bondi Blues will run Tiger. The ram issue is also a bit weird, Apple says 384 is the max, I have seen them work with 2 256 meg chips, I have seen them refuse to work also, YMMV!
    They do not have any Airport slot, so go here:
    There is a boatload of info on the Bondis here:

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