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    store prices vs. online
    Are the prices the same in the apple stores for a macbook pro as they are online from apple?

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    Yes, the prices are exactly the same.

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    If you're looking for a price discount, try Amazon for rebates on new computers, or the Apple online store for refurbished models.
    Happy to be back to a Mac

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    Although I'm not ready to buy ANOTHER new mac yet, I notice that although many items from the Apple store are the same price in both Canada and US, the price of the computers are higher in Canada, by a few hundred dollars in some cases. With the Canadian dollar running higher than the US dollar at times, it makes the difference even larger.
    If a Canadian were to hop across the border to an Apple store or Best Buy and buy a MBP, would there be any headaches, for instance, warranty problems, that would make saving hundreds of dollars not worth the hassle? I'm thinking for someone living close to the border, it would almost be foolish to purchase from a Canadian retailer. Has anyone had any experience with this scenario?
    For a MBP 15" 2.5ghz purchase with .mac and applecare the difference is $160. And to make it more absurd, add a 30" cinema to the alone is $300 more, for a total saving of $460. OUCH!!!! Canadians.....lift your beaver tails and bend over!!!!

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