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Thread: stupid stupid iDisk

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    stupid stupid iDisk
    Why is it that I have 250 megs of space, of which NONE is used, but when i go to put a movie in my Public folder it says I dont have enough free space? This is aggrivating me. I have synched it and synced it until I am tired of it. I cant get the space it needs. What am i doing wrong?

    I just paid for my account last night and have been trying since then.

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    Check to make sure that the movie you're trying to upload isn't bigger than 250MB. If it is, then there's your problem. If it isn't, then you should probably contact customer support and tell them that something whacky is going on with your account. :cool:

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    Customer service here I come. The movie is only 8 megs

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    Goto the .Mac preference pane in System Preferences. Remove your local iDisk and then readd it. That should fix the problem.
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    in case the advise that schweb gave it does not solve it......i think i know what the problem is.

    something like that happened to me the other day. Look, the 250 mbs that you have with .mac it's shared between the iDisk Space and the .mac mail account. So whe you receive an e-mail and you leave it in you inbox folder or any other folder, it's holding up space.....which is taked away from your 250mb (apple gave you with .mac)

    so what happened to me was i had a lot of crap laying around in my inbox folder..including mails with lottsa pics, and mp3's and soon as i erased all those mails i instantly had my free space again!

    give it a try and let us know which one of the two was the problem.

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