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Thread: Digitron Software & Mac Compatability

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    Digitron Software & Mac Compatability
    Talked with Digitron today and unfortunately their software isn't compatable with APPLE. I use this to download all my data for snowmobile racing. It allows me to see what's going on in the motor,clutches & track. I am reading about parallels and bootcamp. Are they worth putting on the Macbook pro just to use this one program? Or just buy another $350.00 laptop for 1 use? I am concerned, since this is my first Mac and it is such a relief to use something that I don't have to fight with everyday to make work. I obviously fear the windows on the new mac. I know I will probably hear both sides, but bottom line is , I don't want ANY microsoft product interfering with performance and my new found peace.

    Thanks for any and all first hand expirienced help.

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    I would not suggest buying a 350$ laptop, when you can purchase a copy of Windows for around 100$, use boot camp to setup a dual boot, and then your done. (boot camp comes installed with leopard in case you didn't know).

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    Thanks, When you say a copy of windows, could I use my old XP disk from the pc??? And with the dual bot I assume they both will running all the time?

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