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    Red face I have an apple fever...
    which just resulted in a compulsive purchase!!!

    I felt in love with Apple earlier this week after trying out a macbook. and now I am selling my powerful only 3-month old custom built PC desktop, AND thinking of also selling my 8-month old laptop. I am really fed up with windows and while I like Linux, it's too inconvenient and I didn't like any of the UI. It's just got really boring to me, and now it's got to the point that I am repelled to use my computer. but before I even sold one, I went ahead and ordered a macbook tonight! Even though I bought a macbook, I intend to use it primarily as a stationary computer with my external monitor, keyboard, mouse, HD, and speakers. I also bought the external soundcard FireWave, and I am going to buy a new keyboard, and a TV tuner tomorrow. Looks like it's all planned and not so compusive after all, but why do I feel so rushed

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    You're not the only one. I ordered my MacBook Friday morning. By the end of the day I had ordered an iPod as well. (It arrives today!)

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    Again i did the same thing! But I would recommend keeping one of those pcs for whatever "pcing" you might need to do. (unless you utelize bootcamp) Because you never know when you might need that (piecer) windows machine
    -Scuba Steve-

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