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Thread: mb or mbp

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    mb or mbp
    hey guys im new to mac-forums and have been reading around a fair bit. Wondering what you guys think. If i should get a mb or mbp
    i would be using it at school, watching movies, a game or two, browsing the net and the normal stuff school kids do. Im leaning towards the mbp because i want a 15''screen and i like the backlight keyboard. and the 256mb graphics card that comes with it. All help would be appreciated thanks guys.

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    If you're insistent on a 15" screen then there is only one option for you. But if you're not that particular on it and the games you want to run aren't graphics intensive, you should think about the MB portability. This is the reason I decided on the MB instead of the MBP. I have a 15.4 Windows machine and it is too heavy and cumbersome to lug around for more than an hour or two. I can't even imagine what one of those 17" MBP would be like to carry around.

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    If you're going to be doing any gaming, I'd go for the Pro.

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    Check out this comparison chart I put together with the Macbook, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro. It pretty much breaks down every possible feature there is. It includes battery life, ports, weight, etc.

    I'll agree with the others though, if you want to run decent games then the MBP is the front runner.
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    I recently bought a MB and I too was contemplating purchasing a MBP instead. I don't know how you feel about spending so much money on a laptop but IMO you would be better off getting the MB in your case.

    If you are planning on playing any newer games you will need the power the video card offers in the MBP though, but I think that you would be much better off purchasing a MB and getting a decent PC from Dell or something with an online discount coupon and still spend less than you would have on a single MBP.

    If you must have a 15" screen, back-lit keyboard, and the "status" a MBP pro offers then by all means go for it. It is kind of a waste of money though if the only reason you need that extra power is for games alone.
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