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Thread: New MBP Owner!

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    Feb 21, 2008
    New MBP Owner!
    Hey all! Brand new switcher here. Haven't touched an Apple/MAC since the Apple IIe. Been a PC user until about 10 days ago. So far I love it!. I find myself overthinking how to do things since it is so easy. Still a long learning curve to figure out OSX but so far I love it.

    I went with the MBP base and as like many people was a little ******/bummed when they did the refresh a couple days ago. Well today I am happy again. Instead of biting the restocking fee for the refresh, i went to the store, and had them do a price adjust. So now i got my MPB for $300 less then plus the student discount.

    Very excited to learn the way of the leopard.

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    Welcome to the Forums. And congrats on the purchase!

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    Congrats and welcome to Mac! I am sure you will find yourself enjoying it more and more and you have it more and more... as you will find out more.. and more things. lol i think i overused more a bit

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