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    Custom Mouse-button configuring?
    I've got a Mighty Mouse connected to my MacBook, and when I check the options for the mouse under System Preferences I see that I can somewhat choose which action a button should perform. For instance, the left button on the mouse is called "Primary Button" by default, a normal 'click'.
    Here comes the thing:
    The right button is called "Secondary Button" by default (that is, Ctrl+'Click') but I was wondering if I could change this into a custom action I'd like to have on my right button (Cmd+'Click')?

    When I tried to select some other action than Secondary Button for the mouse's right button I got a list of actions, but Cmd+'Click' wasn't in it. There was an "other" option in the list too, but that got me to a menu for using AppleScript (which I literally know nothing about).

    The reason for me wanting this is that I'm a fan of Starcraft which I have played on a PC for many years and now installed on my Mac, and you use left-click and right-click to move units in the game. But for some reason the game doesn't accept Ctrl+'Click' as the equivalent of a Windows Right-click (as every other Mac application does), Starcraft wants me to press Cmd+'Click' for right-clicks...

    I hope I'm making myself understandable here!
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    The built-in Mighty Mouse drivers are pretty limited in terms of configuring. If you really want more latitude in mouse button configuration, you'll have to look for third-party drivers, I'm afraid.

    One that's pretty cool and nifty is SteerMouse. You can try it before you buy it.

    Hope this helps.

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    I've noticed a similar issue with configuring my Might Mouse. I have set the "middle" button to be Spaces. However, I have had to reset this button behavior to Spaces a couple of times. One of these may have been related to the 10.5.2 update, but I think I have had to change this configuration more than just this once.

    Just thought I would bounce this off you experts out there to see if this is an anomoly or something more? Thanks again.
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