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    Mac Pro vs Non MacBook
    Hey i am thinking of getting the 15" mac book pro for college. What do you guys think about it? I was looking at the specs compared to the black macbook and it is basically the same exact thing just that the new macbook pro has that new trackpad, bigger screen, better graphics card, that LED screen and a little bigger hard drive. What do you guys think i should get? I don't really care for the bigger screen.


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    If you don't really care for the 15" screen, and you are willing to upgrade the HD on the MB, then the MacBook is the way to go!

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    You should be able to get a student discount too. Just show up to an apple store and show them your Student ID and they'll knock the "Low end" MBP to 1799, and a blackbook to 1399. Upgrades are discounted too.

    I can't see myself going to a blackbook just because I feel cramped with 1280xwhatever res. The 15" MBP's screen just looks so much bigger.
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    The screen is a big difference in shopping, but the MacBooks are perfect for students (coming from a just-graduated-student) Macbooks are Portable and Powerful!

    Depending on what you use, the MBP may too much bang for your buck.

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