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Thread: Checked FedEx - 15" 2.4 MBP is on the truck, delivery expected today

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    Checked FedEx - 15" 2.4 MBP is on the truck, delivery expected today
    I am sooo excited I can't even contain myself...

    I am going to the Michigan Ave. Apple Store in Chicago to look for accessories. It's like Christmas today...especially with 4 inches of snow.

    What Laptop bag have you guys had great success with? I currently use a Kensington Backpack that has an integrated laptop compartment, but it's a few years old. Also not sure if I want to put the MBP in a place where windows machines have been (haha)

    Giddy In Chicago

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    i'm a student, so a backpack was important to me. i have an incase backpack with an integrated slot for my 15" MBP. love the thing to death! and it's never been contaminated yet either.

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