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    Jan 26, 2008
    2.5ghz MBP 2gb ram, 200gb 7200rmp hd, 512mb 8600gt
    So I just bought my first MBP
    After hours of going back and forth between the 2.2ghz with the 128mb graphics card or the 2.4ghz with the 256mb graphics card, I finally order the 2.2. I hope I didnt cut myself short but I had to be price considerate. I just hope my PSCS3 wont suffer.
    So now that I have my first Mac, that are some of the "gotta have" programs.

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    Aug 26, 2007
    Look at this. Also, try the search button next time, its at the top of the page.

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    Aug 16, 2007
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    since you ordered it late last night, hopefully they will send you a new revised one since the apple store is down because they are most likely upgrading the mbp

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