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Thread: Sleep vs. Screen Saver

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    Sleep vs. Screen Saver
    I am currently using my new MBP as a desktop replacement, hooked up to an external monitor. I use it in this capacity almost 100% of the time. The MBP is set to sleep at 15 minutes, with the screen saver set at 20 minutes - thus, the screen saver is moot and never kicks on. Do you think it is wise to keep having the MBP go to sleep and be woken up constantly (~12x) throughout the day? Or do you think it would be less wear and tear on the mac if I just let the screen saver kick on after 15 minutes, and let sleep occur much later on?

    I guess my question boils down to - Does any wear and tear occur during the sleep/wake up? If so, I'll utilize my screen saver more, and forget about saving power. I'll let it sleep after an hour or so...

    Many thanks...

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    well most comp these days dont use much power. u can always have the screen saver comp up first that have it sleep after 30min- 1 hour.

    i dont know about sleep wearing down ur comp. i just have my comp turn off the monitor haver 30 min.

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    No wear and tear, just energy saving, wallet filling, tree hugging goodness.

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