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    Download Q's
    Sorry If this has been covered before, i have searched but cant really find what i want!

    Ok Im new to downloading stuff, after a little reading i installed transmissions and i get the files i want to download off piratebay! My dl's are going very slowly tho, i have a broadband int connection and its downloading about 20-40 KB/s. Not sure if this is fast or slow (like it seams)! Any Idea's?
    Also doesnt rate the downloads! All ive used is limewire which rated each song etc!

    Also streaming stuff is really slow, i changed some setting for quicktime to try and sort this but hasn't done much! Anyone know some good site's to stream off of!

    Sorry if this makes me sound dumb...Many thanks

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    I hope your not planning on downloading things illegally.
    Check the rules OR you might get into trouble like I have found out.

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    Just file sharing nothing bad or illegal! If it sounds that way im sorry!

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