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    Can I network My Mac & PC
    I have a Mac and PC My macbook is on leopard and my PC is on windows XP; can I network between the two of them?

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    Yes - it's very simple. Some step by step instructions:
    My blog about my move from Windows to Mac:

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    Yes you can first off, go to your windows firewall and uncheck "don't allow exceptions" than, on your mac press ⌘+option+esc, than from that window relaunch the finder. If you still do not see your windows PC follow my next step.

    Go to system preferences than Network than click advanced and go to the wins tab. From there add you mac to your windows work group. Relaunch the finder again and you should see your windows PC.

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    Does this also allow an Internet connection to be shared between the 2 machines?

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