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Thread: Help please, Tiger install and password problem

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    Help please, Tiger install and password problem
    Hi Everybody
    I'm a recent switcher and was upgrading to Leopard when half way through the install we got a power cut.

    Once the power came back on i reinserted the disk and did a fresh install and everything seemed to go ok until i tried to upgrade the software and it wont recognize my user name and password.

    I did a reset and changed my password but still the same. So i thought i would reinstall Tiger and start all over again but off coarse i need my user name and password to do this. So I'm stuck.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    PS. i can log in and out with my password ok

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums, sandy.

    Can you try booting from the Leopard install disk to reinstall Leopard but first zeroing all the data on the internal hard drive from Disk Utility?

    Start up just like you were going to reinstall but check out the menubar at the top: you should see Disk Utility there somewhere and you can ask to erase the hard drive but chose the Security Options, I think to access the zero data setting.

    Also, before reinstalling anything, make sure you unplug all unnecessary peripherals.

    Note that this install method will erase all personal data from your hard drive.

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