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    Question New to Macs, monitor issues
    I bought a new Macbook Pro on friday and everything seems to be running nice and smooth. I am a new mac owner and recently discarded my PC. I do have an issue however. I have a SAMSUNG 245B and I would love to have it as he primary monitor rather than the diddy 15inch laptop monitor. The thing I have found is that macs have very little configuration for multiple monitors. I would like to set, like mentioned, my big monitor as the main one.

    I have read in the past that it is possible and that you can even close the lid of the laptop and just use the external monitor for the display.

    Any ideas?


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    To set a display as the primary, open the Displays pane of System Preferences, click on the Arrangement tab, and drag the little menubar to the monitor you'd like it to appear on.

    The Dock will appear opposite the menubar, or on the left or right depending on how it's configured in the Dock pane.

    If you have an external mouse and keyboard, you can close the laptop and use only the external monitor. Click the mouse or tap the keyboard to wake the computer after it's closed.

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    oH My God! Never saw that little guy! This computer is far more user friendly that I missed something due to being used to endless amounts of troubleshooting.


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