With a $2,500 budget in hand form the company, I ordered a refurb 2.4 MBP for 2,099 and I am expecting delivery on Wednesday. I have never been so looking forward to HUMP day.

ANyway - I will try to use the Mac for just my design programs (swapping files back and forth with my agency), however the long term goal is to run all my apps, including XP on the mac. Hoverver I don't need to rush into this because I will still have my PC tower at my desk.

Question - for MS Office Apps and especially ACCESS (I have very custom scripts and macros written so I don't want to go OpenOffice / NEO or even MS Office 2008) which is better for running these apps natively?

- Boot Camp / VMWare / Parrallels?

I have run Boot Camp on my Mini, so I know it will work, just a hassle to reboot all the time.

I have seen a friend run VMWare, but we is not a power user so I couldn't test real world performance

No idea about Parallels other than some people really like it.

Last bit of information - I could care less about gaming. I play games on my console, so I don't have to worry about that on my PC or MAC.

Thanks -