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    Should I wait for new releases or make the plunge
    Well as the saying goes if u wait youll never do nothing or get anything

    So my question is , is there some new and upcomming macs/models to the line up i should hold out a little longer for?

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    There are probably new versions of Apple's Cinema Displays and also new versions of their Macbook Pros/Macbooks, if either of these two interest you, i'd say wait a few months.

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    You can always wait for the next model or update. Jump in, buy what you can afford/wish and enjoy.

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    There is a 100% chance that there will be new Mac updates over the coming months. Apple keeps up a steady stream of the same these days.

    If I could quote Mae West however:

    He who hesitates is a d-a-m-n fool
    (hyphens added between the letters above so that this quote is not mangled)

    By the way, see this page for more entertaining Mae West quotes!

    There will ALWAYS be updates and changes to the Mac lineup coming. Look for a machine that meets your needs and buy it! You can never be ahead of the curve very long in computing technology. It is simply a fact of life that you need to accept!
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