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    I very new to Macs so sorry if I ask stupid questions.

    I bought an IMac with Tiger installed - Leopard was in the pack in upgrade form (it has been installed - I'm running Leopard Mac OS X 10.5.2 (9C31)). Since my last update and time machine update was installed. My permission have changed to standard from admin. I can access the my mac and access the internet, create items on the desktop and delete in trash. Me has standard access not admin access. My user name and password works for my standard login but not for the admin one (because it doesn't exist). I have look on the Apple help screen, they talk about changing the root directly (can't without an admin password). I have a upgrade leopard disc holding down the C doesn't give me any options. I really don't what to wipe it and start again as I not 100% sure what caused it.

    Can you mac experts talk and idiot through it?


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    Sounds like you are the victim of a known issue with some Tiger-Leopard upgrades. Read up on it here:

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    Thanks for the information. I only have a Leopard Upgrade disk not the full version. I have opened what I have up I don't have a "Utilities menu" option.

    Any other suggestions?

    Will contact Apple Care today to ask for a full version.


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