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Thread: Old PC new storage drive?

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    Old PC new storage drive?
    I finally made the switch. That last crash on my windows PC was the final blow. Now things are all good!
    I have a question. Sitting in my PC tower are (2) hard drives, a 30 and a 60 gig. My question is, can I use the dives on the PC, as is, as storage drives? I'm not that astute in compatibility. Or, can I remove the best and biggest HD in there and place it in my mac? If I can use them in the PC's tower, will I encounter crashes, freeze-ups and the likes as if I were back in the windows nightmare?

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    You'd have to refomat the drives depending on what their formatted as. I doubt your pc crashes were down to the hard drives solely, most likely the software running on the pc and a dodgy registry. I don't know how you would connect the drives to the mac, but i know some people here once posted to a thread saying how they made a cheap external enclosure for a hard drive, hopefully somebody will come through for you on here.

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