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    Color Rendering - PC vs. Mac
    Hello all - I bought my MBP yesterday, and I absolutely LOVE OS X. It was a huge mistake to wait so long to switch from PC to mac...Everything I hated about Windows is (intentionally) absent in Leopard. It's awesome!

    My only pet peeve has to do with the mac's color rendering, specifically with respect to its handling of reds. Reds that used to be dark and deep appear way too orange and stark on the mac. Have any other "switchers" noticed this? I'm using an external monitor (HP w2408), and I've tried adjusting it every which way, but I still can't get the reds right. The same issue is definitely there with the MBP's internal monitor though, so I'm almost certain it's just the way the mac's color profiles are handling the reds. For instance, the red horizontal bars on this site appear a nice rich, candy apple red on my IBM Thinkpad (PC), but appear much more orange, oversaturated and bright on the mac. All the other colors look perfect though - whites are white, blues are blue, etc. Has anyone else who experienced this rectified the issue? How? I know the textbook version of what color profiles do, but I'm afraid that I don't have much experience in tinkering with them. Every other monitor and notebook I've had for PC never presented an issue...

    Thanks for any help!

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    If you really need color accuracy, there's only one way to get it, and that's with a monitor calibration tool.


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    Yes, but that can easily be fixed with color calibration. Either with a program, and or a color calibration tool like which is what we use to do color calibration for graphic design work. Works great and the change is significant to an non calibrated screen. Pretty expensive, but there are also other alternatives like mentioned in the previous post.

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    I'm on an old G4 gigabit with an old 17" CRT display (no color adjustments made to either) typing this.
    I have a self-built upper mid-range twin LCD display PC upstairs (again using stock profiles on the displays and the vid. card), and to my otherwise untrained, unprofessional eye can see no difference in the colors rendered on this page.
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    I third the color calibration tool.
    It's the only way you will get accurate results. Neither are accurate so you cannot compare the two.
    If you only need to calibrate the monitor, try the Pantone Huey or the Spyder2Express. They will run about $60.

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