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Thread: LG Chocolate???

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    LG Chocolate???
    I thought this might be an easy question with a quick answer. I have an LG Chocolate cell phone, and have used it without any problems on my Windoze system to upload music to it. The music transfer on that side is done via MS Media Player. The question is, can I hook this up to my new Mac and manage the music content on the phone from my Mac?

    Additionally, is there any other software for connectivity to deal with this phone on my Mac? For instance syncing up contacts, notes, etc.

    Thanks in advance for the help.

    One happy switcher!

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    It's a bit harder on the Mac, when it comes to getting media on the LG Chocolate than Windows, I think.

    BitPim is a software that I've used in the past to manage things like contacts and notes. But it is very tedious, when it comes to getting it work. You have to get your Mac to see the phone via Bluetooth first, then try and play with the settings to get it to work.

    As for music, the most clear cut way I have found to work is using a card reader and loading my music into the memory card. But I have no idea, if you have a MicroSD or plan on getting one. I've tried many times to navigate the folders to upload music to the phone, and all I can place music is in the "My Sounds" area, not the "My Music" area.

    There might be better ways around the options above. I've already solved what works for me, so I'm content. But it may or may not be a solution for you.

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    Is it with Verizon? Verizon blocks OBEX which is file sharing so you might have to use there program to transfer stuff which I dont know if it works on a Mac or not.
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