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    addicted to that rush
    Hello fellow switchers!

    My name is rob and I am addicted to macs! I am a 10 yr vet in the windows it industry and up until two years ago, all i knew was microsoft...

    So it all started two years ago, I got an ipod for a birthday present and I loved it! I needed a new machine for the house, so i started researching. on a whim I decided to stop in an apple store to see what all the buzz was about. I was shocked! I loved the look and feel of everything apple. So i finally decided on a macbook. I used it for a year and loved every minute of it, I could feel this "bug" developing about macs and the next thing I know, I bought a used mac mini off of ebay, another solid piece of machinery. Now I was hooked, I started watching ebay for deals and stumbled onto a 1.67 ghz 15 inch powerbook and I grabbed it. Now I just bought a macbook pro... I need help! I am addicted to macs!

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    here is a thread all about people who like that rush

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