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    Burn DVD
    How do i burn an .avi, or .mpeg to a DVD using my macbook? Do I need to buy software? Thanks.

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    You could use iMovie or Toast 8 Titanium, iMovie should already be on your computer tho
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    If you want to play it on a dvd player then you should download "ffmpegx" and convert it to dvd.
    Then download "burn" and burn the video_ts folder.

    Both software titles are FREE.
    Or buy visualhub.

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    If you want to burn it to play on a DVD player, use iDVD it's a great little program that cam free on your Mac. If you want to just burn it to a disc than put the disc in and drag the files to the disc in the finder and click burn, or on the desktop right click and than click new burn folder, put whatever files you want to burn into that folder and than if the disc is in open that folder and click burn.

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    I tried IDvd but i cannot figure out where you map out what is going on the dvd and in what sequence. Is there a tutorial somewhere? It doesn't look difficult, i just cannot figure it out???? Thanks.

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