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Thread: Should I purchase the G4 ?

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    Question Should I purchase the G4 ?
    Hello Everyone.

    I just registered to this forum but I have been having this die hard question stuck in my head for the past few days.

    Now Ive been using mostly PC's for the last 10 years, not to happy with it though mind you. I want to switch to mac but there are a few problems.

    I currently live in Turkey, and apple merchandise are twice as expensive, I have no chance of getting something from outside the country.

    The new Macbook Pro's are really expensive here. The thing is I am currently studying 2d and 3d aniamtion in University. I need a machine that will allow me to use Maya. I keep seeing that there is maya for mac, but how well would it work on a powerbook g4 ? Not just but overall how would a upgraded g4 do these days. I think the best g4 currently uses 128 mb radeon ? more than enough for maya but what other specs can I upgrade, If I upgraded it to 2 GB ram. [ not sure if you can change the hard drives ] Especially since Leopard just came out, after that sort of update how well would the leopard work in the upgraded g4 ?

    I noticed that the G4 powerbooks are now pretty cheap in Turkey, almost something I can afford. Is it worth it ?

    Thanks in advanced.

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    If this is the version you are thinking of running it requires min G5 ... And there are no G5 processors on the Powerbooks. I quoted the note from the requirement page below.

    Note: Maya 2008 is also capable of running on other hardware configurations such as the Power Mac G4 or boutique distributions of Linux. However, enumerating systems that are not tested and cannot be supported or that fall below the requirements for a productive user experience is beyond the scope of the online qualification charts.

    I would go for a macbook if the macbook pro is off the budget.

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    Thanks for the link, after a few clickings beyond the link you gave I did come across a few articles, seems as though some people are having problems with maya 2008 crashing on powerbooks.

    It seems that Maya 7 works perfectly fine, Ill have to do some research on the differences between maya 7 and 8. Ive been using max before and just switched to maya so Im not sure on all the differences, Im sure its nothing big, but its always nice to keep up to date.

    The 13 inch monitors also is a big negative for me in the macbook, and I wont always have the chance to hook it up to a larger monitor.

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