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    Format an external?
    I have two external hard drives, one of which is NTFS (yeah, i know, but I was running XP then). the other is Fat32. The Fat32 I can read and write TO, but the NTFS, i cant, obviously. What I want to do is take all of the files (wedding imags from my weddings) and move them to the Fat32 drive and reformat the NTFS drive. Two questions come to mind -

    1. When i move them to the Fat32 drive, I should be able to read and write those files to that drive, right? It' just like moving them to my hard drive, right?

    2. How the heck do I format this other drive? im new to the Mac and have no clue how to format on here.

    Any help appreciated!

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    You can format all disks in Disk Utility (Applications -> Utilities)

    You should be able to read and write off of the FAT32
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    Quote Originally Posted by trpnmonkey41
    You can format all disks in Disk Utility (Applications -> Utilities)

    You should be able to read and write off of the FAT32
    He said he could, He said that he couldnt write and read the NTFS

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    How do you format an external FW HD into Fat32 on a Powerbook?

    iDisk doesn't seem to have the option to format fat32. i want my pc and powerbook to use the drive.

    (at this point i thought i would use my pc to do it, but i reformatted the disk already to mac, and now my pc won't recognize it. so i have to use my powerbook to do it)

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