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Thread: Segregating OS/Data in Separate Partitions

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    Segregating OS/Data in Separate Partitions
    I just obtained the iPartition software to re-allocate the space on my iMac HD between the Mac and the Windows partitions.

    I am also going to create a data partition to keep it separate from the Mac OS and applications.

    In Windows, it's fairly simple to automatically transfer data in My Documents from the C: drive to the partitioned data drive, and to have all future data saved to My Documents folder to go to the new data drive.

    What is the easiest way to locate and transfer all of my data to the new partition? Is there also a way to make this new partition my default drive whenever I'm saving data in any of my application programs (aside from setting my preferences in each program)?
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    I have virtually the same question -
    I have just purchase my first Mac and loving it, however I need some help. I would like to dedicate a partition to Leopard and then have my applications and data installed in a separate partition. I have managed to create a partition and install Leopard into it and all is fine - but when try to install applications (iWork), I cannot find an option to install it to a different partition. Also I would also like to move the User folders into the data partition, how? Many thanks in advance.

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