Hi guys, just want to let you know that I got the the macbook in the mail earlier today and love it so far. Typing this up on it at this very moment.

I had some trouble taking it apart to install the 4gb of ram that I bought for it though. I bought a set of small precision screw drivers from walmart and they were really crappy I guess and the tips nearly broke off while trying to unscrew the L-bracket. Needless to say I got it off and installed the ram and got the HDD out as well but didn't have the torx driver to get the HDD out of it's seat with the tab. So, I'll have to wait to pop my 7200rpm drive in.

Any good things for me to try on my new mac? I'm going to use pages this week to type of a paper for school and try to break away from Word if I can. There is so much already installed though I don't even know what to get into first. I'll try to post a few pics on here too; since I picked up a new camera and so I can mess around in iPhoto a bit.

I would also like to transfer all of my bookmarks and saved passwords from my firefox browser on my PC to my macbook. Are there any programs out there that will do this for me or make a file I can copy over to the mac? Even into Safari would be fine for me I don't see any reason to not continue using it instead of firefox for now.

Also when I do get around to install my other HDD is there a way to wipe it clean on the mac? Because I definitely plan on selling it once the other drive is installed.