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    Help me switch to Mac
    Hey everyone,

    I have always been a windows user and I have always wanted to switch to a Mac. Do any of you think a refurbished MBP would be good for a newbie? Also, are there chances of me screwing my Macbook? Because that's how i learned everything about the PC, by screwing things up and mending them back. The only thing is that its easier to work around on a PC since the apps and hardware is freely available and not with a Mac. And finally, is this the right time to buy a MBP?

    Please help me out. Thanks in advance.


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    A lot of the regulars here have refurbs. And from their posts, they enjoy them every bit as much as those of us that purchase new.

    The right time to buy is when you need a new computer. New tech is always around the corner.
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    Just because the apps are "freely available" doesn't make it any more legal to get apps.

    Given the regular legal channels, a lot of Mac software is actually sold online and is in fact easier to get by than Windows apps.

    If you're coming from an illegal download world, then the Mac world is probably not the ideal place. Nor are these forums.

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    I have a refurbished MacBook Pro, but I always forget that it's refurbished.

    It's not very easy to 'Screw up' a Mac, as long as you stay away from the Library folder.

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    OK, if you are looking for the point-n-click world of a Mac, then you are in for an easy ride:

    You have to remember the command key instead of the control key ("Take command, not control").

    You may want to bring your 3-button mouse from the PC with you when you move to a MBP or any other Mac, but if not, there are settings and utilities that can be used to give you a close approximation of a right-clickable trackpad. I just use a bluetooth 3-button mouse. Either way you should be good.

    If you are command-line phobic, or even if you just want to test things out first so that you know what to expect, download VMWare Fusion's 30-day trial and a LiveCD version of Fedora or any other linux distro. As both linux and OS-X are fully unix compliant, you can test your attempts at command-line on the linux distro so that you will have a better idea of what to expect.

    As far as the refurb? If there had been a refurb'd MBPro available when I got mine, I would probably have went that route just to save the cash. Instead, I bought new, and the only thing I really complain about is the price. Until I realize that in the last 5 months, I've had such a small amount of system-related downtime as to be laughable. Not so in my Windows machines.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sif View Post
    The only thing is that its easier to work around on a PC since the apps and hardware is freely available and not with a Mac.
    Regarding software, what do you mean by "freely available?"

    Regarding "freely available" hardware,
    Because that's how i learned everything about the PC, by screwing things up and mending them back.
    do you mean you broke PC hardware when learning, and you doubt Mac hardware is easily available?

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    WOW, I hadn't considered a refurbished MacBook until now. I'll have to look at them. Thanks for the tip!

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