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    Partition help for aspring switcher
    Hey guys im eagerly waiting for my new macbbook pro and always been a windows user. Im looking at installing xp or vista to help me with the transition.

    I am not an expert and dont understand partions. I understand that I need to give windows a partion of 20gig BUT does this mean that this is total hard disk space I will have available when using windows OR is this only for the installtion. In other words if im going to need around 50 gig for windows software then should I partiton for 50 gigs or the 20 gig that the installation needs.


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    Wink Partition help for switcher
    Guys im all new to the MAC world. Waiting on my macboopro and will be installing xp to help out for a while.

    I have read that i need to create a 15-20 gig partition for windows xp. I need around 50 gigs for all my software SO does this mean I should partiton for the total of what I might need ( which is unknown ) or partiton only 20 gigs for the installation.

    Many thanks

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    you would have to partition the total amount of space that you are planing on using for the future.
    so in your case, you would partition 50gb for windows.

    and btw- a windows xp installation is only about 2gb

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    nice and clear
    Nice and clear... thanks.

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    If you are putting on Xp, about 10 gig will do.
    With Vista about 15 gig.
    If you need more then you are installing AND using too many windows programs and need to TRY and find mac versions..

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    keep in mind also that you aren't locked into a partition size. so if you do 40gb and it ends up that you need more, you can always go back and change it to 50gb. (or vis versa with 50gb to 40gb)

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