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    Updating OS Versions
    So I did a little searching in the forums here about my question and just got confused.

    I'm a relatively recent switcher on a MBP. I'm just wondering how exactly I update my OS version. I don't want to switch to Leopard yet for money reasons, but I haven't updated my OS since I bought the computer last summer. I'm currently running 10.4.11

    Software update never tells me to update this version but I've found links on the mac site ranging to 10.4.9 Is it a good idea for me to manually install 10.4.9? And can I jump from 10.4.1 to 10.4.9 or will I need to install each one in between? If that's the case do any site provide roll-up updates? Better yet is there a FAQ about this?

    Thanks everyone in advance!

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    If you have version 10.4.11 you have I believe the most recent tiger update.

    10.4.11 came after 10.4.9

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    haha, I knew this was going to be something so simple that I was overthinking it. I was reading that as Well thanks for the quick response! Mac never ceases to amaze with its pure simplicity.

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    Yeah, you don't want to go back. Just run the security, QuickTime and Java updates. Same deal: software update will find them for you. Oh, now I got it, think of it as 10.4.01 and 10.4.09 for example, 10.4.11 is the latest and greatest.

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