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Thread: my new ibook

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    my new ibook
    Hello everybody I'm new to Mac's and well yesterday I went to a local store where everything was for sale and I saw an Ibook out of the corner of my eye went over and saw it was only $200 so i talked to the guy about it he said all it needed was a new I decided to get it and so far its working great..the only question I had was how do i do a "clean install" i think its called. So that i am basicly starting from scratch..because the old owner has a password..and i dont know what it is. Any help would be great!

    Thanks in advance.

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    ah well a password can be quite hard to get around; If you have install discs, it may be possible to simply restart the mac, and the mac should boot to the CD which may bypass the password, I've never had this problem, seeing as I owned my mac first hand xD. If this doesn't work, hold down the command (one with the apple logo and the squiggly square thing) down and then restart it holding the command key down.

    If this fails, take it back to the shop and demand they fix it either that or some serious hacking may be required

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    I can get on the computer itself but when i go to do an update or something it asks for the i thought maybe i could start fresh and make my own password and account. So is their anyway i could do that?

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