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    Internet Radio...this is frustrating
    Before i switched, I could listen to my favorite radio station from where I used to live while I was online. I try to listen now on the Mac, in fact I try to listen to ANY radio station streaming their feed, and I cant. I get an error saying my browser isnrt supported. How can i do this? How can i listen to the radio stations? It wont work in firefox OR Safari.

    Any suggestions?

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    are you able to save the url in itunes?

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    I must be doing saomething wrong. I go to the site and find the link to listen now. I click it and hold down the mouse and then click copy link location. I go to iTunes and go to advanced and then open stream adn paste the URL in there. It isnt working. Can you give me some direction on what I should be doing with it?

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    Well the first question is what type of stream is it? Quicktime, MP3, Windows Media, Real?

    Depending on that, copy the link, goto the specific player needed and paste it in there. Next step, e-mail the websites and tell them to support standards in their site design
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    i have the same problem with CBS Radio streaming.

    my browser won't open it.

    someone gave me a link that started to work, but as the player appears ( i think its flash), firefox crashes and closes all windows.

    *edit* wow, sorry to fish this one up... it popped up in a window after i started my thread complaining about this and i didn't realize how old the thread was til after i posted.
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