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Thread: iMac or MacBook

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    15" mbp
    iMac or MacBook
    hello all. new here.
    i plan on getting my first mac machine within the next month or so..but i'm having problems deciding on which mac will be my first.

    i would primarily be using the mac for web browsing, photoshop, light video editing, and watching dvds..

    originally i had my heart set on the imac. i've used a laptop since 2003 but i really don't take it too many places. since the laptop is so compact..i also have 2 external drives..speakers..which makes my desk look very cluttered. so, yes..the imac it is..then i started preparing for the imac..but reading on this forum i've learned that the 20 inch imac has some display issues. is it really THAT BAD?

    the 24 inch mac is out of the question because it's so large. i'm concerned about being disappointed with the 20 inch imac...which has me thinking..i might be better off buying a macbook..and purchasing a seperate lcd.
    do you have any problems with your lcd on the 20" mac?

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    I like my 20" machine.

    There is an obvious brightness shift between the top and bottom of the screen and you will notice it straight away.

    But after a day or so you really won't notice it. In games and films it seems to disappear, or you don't notice it at all.

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    I just purchased a 20" two weeks ago. I'm quite pleased with it so far. There is a slight gradient from top to bottom, but no one I've shown it to, has noticed it until I pointed it out. It's not obvious on this screen.

    Your best bet would be to go have a look for yourself if thats possible. I bought mine as a standard configuration, from a store that accepted returns with a full refund, just in case I got a dud.

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    you might want to consider the 24"
    I've seen both the 20" and 24". I read about the display issues and noticed it on the 20" model in the apple store. Personally, I think it's a defect that no one should have to accept. Go to your local apple store and ask about it, see what they say. I did and they told me it was solved. Might just be blowing smoke, but it could be true. Do some more research online as well.

    I'm going to buy the 24". display can never be too large. It's also a different technology display method, not the same as the 20". There were no display problems I could see, and the color was just beautiful.

    Take a look at this article I came across online:

    I asked my IT about the two sizes and he recommended to go for the 24" with the 2.4 ghz processor, saying that it's the "Sweet spot" for value. The 256 MB video card is better as well. IMHO better too much than to little. The 2.8 ghz is too much of a price increase for too little improvement. I'd max out the RAM as well to the full 4GB just in case. You can get it online for as little as a hundred bucks, depending on the manufacturer. try other world computing:

    One more thing: Take a look at the refurbished macs on apple's website. You can get a good deal there too. It lists all the machine's details and their refurbishment process. I'll probably buy from there.

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