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    which Mac for me?
    I've a windows user now, but I'm tired of having to reinvent the wheel each time I attempt a new task.

    I've never used a mac, but have read lots about them and and ready to test drive one. I've done a bit of reading online, and I'm leaning towards buying a decent used machine before dumping both my Dell pc's. When looking at specs like processor speed and RAM, what is the benchmark for windows? For example, I wouldn't own a pc that was less than 1.5ghz and 1gb of RAM- Would I need at least the same spec for a comparable mac? I've been surfing some resellers, and the G4 imacs look pretty good for the money (again, this would be a test drive machine) but I'm concerned it would be to slow.

    I'm not a power user by any means, my typical use is:

    Firefox with 3-5 tabs open
    Instant messenger
    light photo editing (picasa or something else idiot-proof)
    home video capture and editing (just home vids of my kids, I put a couple of scenes together and post it to you-tube for far away grandpa/grandma.

    Any suggestions? My thought would be to find something that will perform my basic tasks, then buy something more powerful and modern if I decide to convert completely.

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    If you can find a cheap Mac to get you started then great. The G4s are good machines, but I'd recommend a gig of RAM.

    They're not the fastest Macs, but perfectly fine for the kind of things you're looking at doing.

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