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    Jan 15, 2008
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    how to disable picture of myself in Mail ?
    I just realized that every email I send has a picture of myself on the right side.
    It's very small, but i don't need to show everyone how attractive I am

    The photo was taken while setting up my iMac first time. Apple is so smart...

    Any idea how to disable it ?


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    the only way i see is to go to system preferences > accounts > picture and then edit or select a new picture. i did not see how to disable it though.

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    I just emailed myself on one of my other accounts. The User Picture does not show on another system, at least not a Windows system.

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    yeah, the photo will only show up if your recipient is also using Mail. It won't show up in their GMail or anything.

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    Jan 15, 2008
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    Thanks, fixed!
    Yes, i did go to the System-Pref.-Picture.

    Had no idea you can select a picture, or any photo from your computer.
    There is no clear option not to show picture, only to replace with generic ones or whatever you want.
    But I already learned how the things work in Apple...dragging..dropping...moving...

    So, yes, I just moved my own photo with the mouse, out of the frame.
    And then closed the window. No clicking 'ok'...

    Thanks for the tips people!

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