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Thread: iMac problems

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    iMac problems
    I bought an iMac yesterday, got home and tried to connect to the internet. I have a Linksys wireless router, the iMac will only connect is it is pluged directly into the DSL modem. Does my router need to be configured a certain way, it works fine for all my windows machines?


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    When I purchased my Imac and turned it on the first time it found the router and then asked for my wepa password and then connected right up. I also use a Linksys router. There shouldn't be any settings to change. Go to System Preferences and then click on Network and make sure that Airport is turned on and that your network name is listed.

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    Did you run the Airport Setup Assistant in Utilities folder?
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    ya i use a linksys WRTG? router and the first time I used my Imac I needed to update the Firmwear on the router. Go to and look up your router and then download the newest firmwear update and follow instructions for installing it. If that doesn't work then reply back that it doesn't work.

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