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Thread: Setting up wireless printing: model not in list!

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    Feb 07, 2008
    Setting up wireless printing: model not in list!
    Hello. I am trying to set up wireless printing with an HPofficejet 7310. It's not appearing in the list where I choose the driver from in the wireless set up. The furthest it will get down to is 7140 before going onto a different model entirely.

    I am also presented with two "names" to choose from under the network: "autohpde" and "hpoffice".

    Am I making any sense? Can anyone help?!

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    It would help if you tell us more about your setup. E.g, how is it wireless (internal, attached to something else, etc), what are you connecting it to, what OS you're running, etc.

    The printer looks pretty old considering it doesn't even mention 10.4 in the supported OS types.
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    The printer is connected to a windows XP machine that is shared on our home wireless (MSHome) network. I can access the computer's shared folder fine from my mac - so the sharing is not a problem, obviously - there's just no driver listed when I wish to set it up. So you think this is down to the the fact the printer's old?

    I have Leopard 10.5.1. Can't believe it wouldn't work because my computer is too new!!

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    try this hp link.

    the biggest problem we had with this model, was everytime we put new software on win, we had to re-load the printer software. it's as if it had to be the last thing loaded on the computer.

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