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Thread: iCalGTDplugin - can't delete

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    Jan 15, 2008
    iCalGTDplugin - can't delete
    I tried yesterday the iCalGTD widget, and then decided to delete.
    This morning I'm getting this message when trying to empty the trash:

    The operation can not be completed because the item "iCalGDTplugin" is in use.

    Then when I open the trash and drag this item to the desktop and double click it, I get this message:

    The file “iCalGTD.wdgt” is not a valid widget and you cannot install it.

    I used also AppDelete and it did move to the trash, and now it is stack there.
    Also deleted some widgets that might have connection to iCal.

    I noticed that the message says "iCalGDT", instead of "iCalGTD". I tried to change the name in the Trash box, but doesn't help, it still show the same message.

    How to get rid of it ?

    Preview shows a standard black square with 4 icons

    Thank you!

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    Have you tried logging out, logging back in, then emptying?

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    Jan 15, 2008

    logging out of where ? the system ?
    Do you think another similar to AppDelete application(Zap??..) can do that?


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    Simply put: did you restart? That ought to help unless there's another bit left in the system somewhere.

    If a restart doesn't help, try booting into Safe Boot mode by holding down the Shift key, log in your account, try Secure Empty Trash instead of the standard Empty Trash.

    Restart normally. See where that takes you and report back. Good luck!

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    Jan 15, 2008
    ok, I found solution. I was suspecting that some other widget could be the reason. I closed all the widgets, and it worked.
    But remember this widget, iCalGTD - nobody needs it.
    iCal is the best and nobody needs these unnecessary crap..

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    Thanks for posting your solution! It'll surely help anyone else having the same problem as you did!

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