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    Thumbs up Macbook Or Macbook Air?
    Hello guys...
    i want to buy a macbook...
    but now with macbook air im confused...
    so i came here to ask you about some things...
    1st: is it a huge problem for someone who wanna listen to music in a cd or see a dvd, macbook air doesn't have a super drive, even with the new sistem of remote disk?
    2nd: in macbook air the battery cant be removed, so when the battery ends, what should i do?

    thats it....
    thnks a lot....

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    Hi- i spent quite a few hours at the Apple Shop in NYC this week over these kind of questions, in the end, i decided on a MBpro (2.4ghz) as this was noticeably faster than the Air 1.8ghz, even just loading say 3 o4 applications at a time, and it is also tried and trusted hardware. Not too keen on being the first to adopt etc The sales gurus there certainly did not mention that the battery pack is a sealed unit in the Air, how long are you planning to use the laptop, and how much will this cost to repair in 3-4 years time?

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    rather than those questions, ask yourself this.

    what is it about the macbook air that makes you really want to spend the extra money and deal with the mild inconveniences? does the weight or 1/2 inch or so of thickness really matter that much to you?
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    I'm no expert on Macs, but from what I do know I'd assume that you'd only want a MacBook Air if you're really bothered about ultra-mobility. There seems no reason to get one (except for flashing about a super-thin notebook) if you're just going to get basic/personal use out of it; having to sacrifice certain things doesn't seem worth it unless it's an ultimate necessity. The MacBook Air seems more of a business laptop to me.

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