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    Considering a Mac
    Hello! I had had a PC forever and we are recently considering a Mac Book. My question is...will the programs I have currently installed on my PC be compatible to a Mac or will I need to purchase new programs? Ie..I have Adobe Photoshop Elements, Logos Bible Software, Print Shop to name a few of the main ones I use regularly. I also use Microsoft Excel quite a bit. So I guess my question is: are files easily transferred (word, excel, etc..) and can I use the current install discs of these programs or will I have to purchase new, Mac Friendly versions?

    I currently create a lot of brochures and flyers, create many word documents, like to blog, create spreadsheets for our family finances and school records and play with pictures. Not sure which Mac Book to go with. I know I want the 13" screen simply for the ease of transport of taking it places with me.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.

    My current PC we've had for over 5 years and so there is so much on it, pictures, fonts, etc...

    Thanks for the help

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    You're going to need to buy new versions of the software, unfortunately.

    The data files for Word and Excel will transfer over fine, and work with either iWork or Office:Mac 2008. The same with the image files. But Windows software won't work in OSX unless you get a program like Parallels to let it run in OSX.

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    I was afraid of that
    Is the Parallels software worth installing rather than purchasing all new programs? The bible program I use has not come out with a Mac version yet (that I'm aware of) and I use that quite regularly.

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    I think you'll get mixed feedback on that.
    Some people favour it and some favour boot camp.
    The difference is that in parrallels windows and os x are running together and in bootcamp you have the choice of either using os x or windows but not both at once.

    Personally I don't like parrallels, it seemed to do different things randomly for the same commands. Some will tell you otherwise though and so I would say try it at a mac shop and decide for youreself. It's one of those questions with no right answer.

    I think if it were me I'd buy office for mac and run the bible program in windows. I don't really know about photoshop or you're other programmes as I don't use them but from my own change between pc and mac I can say tht office is nicer and easier to use on the mac so maybe adobe is the same.

    As for macbook or macbook pro, I recently made this decision.
    I went for the macbook, purely on a financial decision as I couldn't get 0% credit on the pro.

    If you use them both for a bit you'll make a decision quite easily. Mac book pro is the one to go for. The keyboard and mouse on the macbook are a little dissapointing and the 13 screen against the 15 is no contest.
    Weight wise and portability wise there is little difference.

    Hope this is of some help to you.

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    With Photoshop, Adobe will let you exchange one version for another. I would call up Adobe to see if they would let you swap.
    But it sounds like running Parallels or BootCamp is the best solution for you.
    Either MacBook version sounds fine for you. I would recommend the MacBook Pro if you were doing Photoshop work but it doesn't sound like what you do is incredibly taxing on a computer.

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    No Mac : (
    doesnt a Mac have photo editing software on it already??? I dont have a Mac yet so this would be useful... thanks.

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