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    New to the Mac world
    Hello all,

    I am new to the Mac world as I just purchased a 24" iMac with the 2.4GHz CPU. I just ordered the 4GB memory upgrade from OWC so I am excited to receive that delivery. My main goals with this computer is for my wife and I to browse the web and answer emails as well as for me to work on the photos I will take of our soon to be born child in June. I will demo Aperture and Lightroom soon as well as probably get Photoshop.

    I am having a lot of fun with this computer so far. I have a lot to learn yet it seems simple in many ways, very intuitive. I used to be a UNIX/Linux admin for 10+ years before getting into the sales side so I am very familiar with what is under the covers of the Mac OS.

    I look forward to learning a lot as I go.


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    Feb 02, 2008
    I forgot to say I might be the champion of Apple in my neighborhood as many have expressed interest in seeing it after I learn it a bit. Their computers are constantly littered with viruses as their kids seem to have a compulsion of clicking on every link they see .

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    Congrats. You'll find the mac constantly keeps surprising you...pleasantly, that is.

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